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Agile In Government Summit 2017
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affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association 

 Agile in Government Summit 2017

Agile In Government Summit 2017 

April 19-20, 2017

Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University
Washington DC

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Why IT and Beyond?  As Agile has moved beyond software development, DevOps has brought building, testing and releasing software into an agile construct.  Now agile principles are finding their way into non-software areas such as business operations and hardware development. 

Attend the 8th Annual Agile in Government Summit and collaborate with ADAPT and other industry, government and academic peers.  This summit takes an innovative look at the practical considerations for adaptation of agile methods in government organizations.

Summit Topic Areas to Incude:
Agility in Army IT Acquisition
Who Drives Agile – RFP or Proposal?
Agile for Cyber Acquisition
Contracting Case Studies
EVM and Agile – Making them Fit
OMB Audit Guide for Agile Programs
Agile Architecture – Enabling Innovation
Better Government Services – Code for America
DevOps for Government - Case Studies and Approaches
DevOps and Model-Based Systems Engineering
Applying Agile Principles to Hardware
Business Agility
Agile in High Assurance Applications

ADAPT fosters better understanding of how government agencies can employ agile software development methods to provide incremental and modular acquisition of information systems.

This event builds on previous ADAPT sessions, and looks at the practical considerations for adaptation of agile methods in government organizations. 

 2016 Excellence in Enterprise Information Award

AFEI is pleased to announce the following projects as our 2016 Excellence in Enterprise Information Award winners

Industry Winner

A State Cyber Hub Operations Framework
Institute for Defense Analyses

Over the last decade, the cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically. Cybersecurity concerns are now center stage at all levels of industry, government, and law enforcement and emergency services communities. While progress has been made in gathering and sharing intelligence, data, and information, a significant gap exists between that process and the ability to predict impending cyber-attacks and to thwart them before they are successful. In other words, the challenge lies in understanding and making the information actionable in real or near-real time. To close this gap, federal, state, and local officials must work together to form a hub of cyber knowledge and expertise, operationalizing decision support.

The Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA) assisted the Department of Defense (DoD) Chief Information Officer (CIO) in formalizing a proof of concept for cyber decision making and developing a cyber hub framework for operationalizing the data and intelligence produced across state structures and organizations to predict and respond to cyber attacks. The Cyber Hub Operations Framework leverages, not replaces, existing organizations and structures, and begins the work toward an operational cyber construct. IDA focused its attention on the transition from a compliance-based cybersecurity model—one focused primarily on the state of networks, malware, and patching—to a risk-based cybersecurity model that enables a predictive capability with the potential to thwart impending cyber-attacks.

Government Winner

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Continuity of Operations (COOP), Devolution Emergency Response Group (DERG)
Office of Homeland Security and Coordination (OHSEC), Continuity and Planning Division (CPD)

USDA’s innovative and unique initiatives in Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Devolution Planning activities have set a high standard for organizational readiness and preparedness within the U.S. government. The development, resourcing, and training of the USDA Devolution Emergency Response Group (DERG) is a success in integrating information systems, communication systems, network capabilities, broad based human expertise, and planning for shared resource availability nationwide. The effective DERG capability demonstrated by the USDA during the Eagle Horizon 2016 national continuity exercise provides a sustained Department leadership and decision-making capability for future emergency responses.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ CyberForwardDC

Silicon Valley Comes to DC on November 10

CyberForwardDC - a cyber security symposium for the next generation of threats.

Our digital lives are under assault. As our global connections grow, so do the incidents of data breaches and penetrations.
CyberForwardDC is a symposium aimed at decision- makers with responsibility for the security of their enterprise data, intellectual property and customer/citizen information.

This symposium will focus on innovation, speed, and agility.  Attendees will interact with leading researchers, venture  capitalists, and hot new start-ups to find out what groundbreaking ideas are catching on and proving valuable.  For more information or to register visit the event website

Presentations from

Researchers | Venture Capitalists | Hot Startups 



Welcome to the Association for Enterprise Information

The Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) is member-driven, creates communities of interest around current topics, and fosters collaboration between industry members and government stakeholders. AFEI has been serving the businesses and government agencies in the IT community since 1984.

NDIAAFEI is a part of the National Defense Industrial Association, America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security.


What is Enterprise Information?

No matter how you define your enterprise, it runs on information provided through technology. Successful enterprises pay attention to three critical areas:

Who generate, use and share information, and their cultural context

How they use information efficiently and effectively

Which enables the generation, sharing and securing valuable information assets

Finding solutions for optimal use of information within organizations, to support decision-making processes or day-to-day operations, is always a challenge. An enterprise trying to manage enterprise information faces a world of complexity that is compounded by the continual evolution of information technology.

 Founding Member - FEAPO and PM-ISE SCC

Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations

FEAPO LogoAFEI is a founding member of FEAPO (Federation of Architecture Practicing Organizations). FEAPO provides an independent forum for member organizations to present the work of their members to a larger community. FEAPO’s goal is to evolve Enterprise Architecture into a true profession.

More about FEAPO

Standards Coordinating Council, PM-ISE

AFEI is a founding member of the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) Standards Coordinating Council (SCC), an advisory working group to the White House interagency policy council. The SCC consists of industry consortium and standards development organizations who provide advice and counsel on matters related to information sharing standards and other issues related to responsible information sharing.

More on the ISE Standards Approach

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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Upcoming Events

 AFEI's Next Event


Agile in Government Summit 2017 
April 19 - 20, 2017
Washington DC

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Supported Events


Join industry and government on September 22nd for the next Government Lean-Agile Software & Systems Conference (GLASScon) for "Organizing for Agility".

This event will offer some great insights into how Federal Agencies can adopt Agility and includes speakers, a DevOps demonstration and a workshop.

Registration and more information can be found at

Inter Agency SDLC Seminar

May 4, 2017
Tomich Center
20 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington DC




AFEI is a proud affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association, America’s leading Defense Industry association promoting national security.

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AFEI launched a Meetup Group - ADAPT which meets on various aspects of Agile methods in Government acquisition.


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 ‭(Hidden)‬ Interview

AFEI's President was recently interviewed by Stephen Ibaraki, an internationally known contributor to ICT writings.  The interview appears on the Microsoft TechNet Blog.


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